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LG Microwave Customer Care in Gurgaon- A Job of Responsibility

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If you were to look at the profile of any person who is manning the customer service department of any company, one trait which is a fundamental requirement of the job is the ability to understand the requirement of customer with sensitivity and then making all efforts to respond appropriately to meet that requirement. LG microwave customer care in Gurgaon is a similar work profile. The people who are in charge of interacting with the customers in first instance are highly trained, sensitive and responsible people. The training which they undergo before taking up this position provides them all the knowledge and information about the product.

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Lg Customer CareThey are provided information about the basic principles of working of the microwaves, the nature and types of problems which can crop up and what are their corresponding solutions. They are also trained to clearly delineate different problems and determine which problem which require a off-site solution or an on-site solution. Training also teaches them the different models currently available in the market and also the older ones. This is done in order to ensure that the person is not taken aback when the requirement for service or maintenance of an old model arises.

LG microwave customer care in Gurgaon is a job of responsibility. It is the duty of the executives present on the call to quickly address the emergent issues. Whether it is to report to the seniors or to coordinate with field staff for on-site visit, the representative of customer support needs to act quickly since microwave issues could be serious. It is very important that the person provides well defined standard set of instructions to the customers in case of a specific problem when it can be handled by the customers themselves.

An important part of the job profile of customer representative of LG for microwave appliance is to provide safety measures to customers. Since faulty microwaves operations could be risky as these generate a lot of heat, it is advisable not to run these unless these have been rectified and tested by trained personnel. Sometimes, the customer might choose a wrong channel of communication for a specific problem. It is the duty of the staff for guiding the customer to communicate via the right channel. Alternatively, the customer query can be sent off to the persons at the right channel for proper handling. Similarly, the representative shall help proper routing of customer with the right department for a specific problem.